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Evolve Advanced Cosmetic Clinic is located at street level in Melbourne's central business district. Typically, cosmetic work is done within a retail beautician context or less visibly, in a traditional medical-based facility. The aim of Evolve Advanced Cosmetic Clinic was to bridge the gap between those two separate scenarios. The existing base building comprised a split‐level space, including wheelchair accessible lift, entered directly at street level. Our solution extended the upper floor area to bring all the clinic's functions to a single level. Elevating the lower front floor section and splitting the access hallways to the five treatment rooms gives Evolve a more discreet and private environment for clients.

The treatment rooms were arranged within a single form that sits within the space and is clad in padded wall panels. This arrangement also enabled a central services and storage spine to be designed which simplified and contained all plumbing and equipment storage in a continuous joinery unit running through each room to connect to existing building services.




Nicole England 


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