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Every project, big or small, starts with an idea. If you've been thinking about making where you live more functional or simply better looking, well that's not a bad idea...
Perhaps you've  outgrown your home but don't want to leave the community you've built. Maybe you've just undergone great change in your life and want to start afresh.
Whatever the driving factor, don't let not knowing where to start, stop you from reaching the finish.
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We are fighting an invisible enemy and the whole world is adjusting in kind and trying to best respond to the current crisis. Our practise is no different and have implemented many changes to the way we do business in order to keep our business operational. We are very proud to be a part of the fabric of the melbourne construction industry and it is in conjunction with our fellow architects, builders, suppliers and trades people that we have taken necessary precautions to keep our people safe and your own.

For us, working remotely or without our client in same room isn't a strange concept and is in fact something we have been doing for a long time.  A growing number of our clients have lived abroad whilst design and construction of their homes have taken place, so our ability to connect with our clients regardless of location has never been an issue and is now more than ever, a crucial part of the way we do business.

We can assure our clients, old and new, that designing your space, your home, will not be compromised and invite you to engage with us virtually and help stop the spread. Stay safe and take care of eachother.



The Shelley Roberts Architects Team