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Apartment 104 responds strategically to the common limitations of inner-city apartment living, i.e. achieving climatically effective outdoor space, and adequate storage. These challenges were compounded, dealing with a 1926 heritage warehouse in dense Flinders Lane. The project demonstrates functional ingenuity and sensitivity in resolving a demanding brief: firstly through the contextually rigorous ‘excavation’ of the facade for a Wintergarden as a conduit for light, air and greenery; and secondly by incorporating extensive idiosyncratic storage that either thickens or articulates the weighty quality of the original shell.  

Apartment 104 operates as an unusual home-workplace. The client’s etiquette consultancy dictated a highly specific inventory of crockery and training paraphernalia, plus display for numerous travel souvenirs. Each function is prioritized according to practicality and economy: a separate, flexible dish room and substantial display alcove, respectively.

A dramatic bathroom-steamroom provide a desired contemporary wellness element, generating significant social media attention.




Nicole England 


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