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In the heart of the Melbourne CBD, sought after for its prime location at the corner of Swanston St, lies 260 Little Collins – a nine-story block of modern residential apartments encased in a beautifully preserved art deco building. Constructed in 1919, the building lends its history to former clothing retailer Cann's. Whilst the exterior had worn well over time, for the residents however, the building had begun to show its age. Besides the obvious cosmetic upgrades it needed, the overall security of the building's foyer and fire access had become a problem.

Works undertaken to complete this project were vast and varied. Aligning the design with the realities of working with an aging building, then mirroring that, floor to floor, was a process. The success of this design hinged upon simplicity and functionality and the foyer is a beautiful embodiment of both, chic but not in your face about it.




Nicole England 


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