The Evolve project is situated in central Melbourne, located at street level and in part of the city’s retail areas. Typically, facial and body cosmetic work is done within a retail beautician context or less visibly,in a typical medical based facility.The aim of setting up Evolve Advanced Cosmetic Medical was to bridge the gap between those two separate scenarios. The existing base building comprised a split‐level space, including wheelchair accessible lift, entered directly at street level. Our solution extended the upper floor area to bring all the clinic’s functions to a single level. Elevating the lower front floor section and splitting the access hallways to the five treatment rooms gives Evolve a more discreet and private environment for clients.

 The treatment rooms were arranged within a single form that sits within the space and clad in padded wall panels. This arrangement also enabled a central services and storage spine to be designed which simplified and contained all plumbing and equipment storage in a continuous joinery unit running through each room to connect to existing building services.


The project brief required an interior fit-out for provision of a range of non‐surgical cosmetic treatments but administered by medical staff and designed to comply with medical standards


A high-grade synthetic leather was used throughout, not only for aesthetics but also in order to comply with medical regulations for ease of cleaning and sanitary requirements. A black and white woven vinyl floor was chosen to give the clinic a uniform clean look throughout whilst complying with regulations, it provides the most comfort for staff and patients alike.


The challenge was concealing a disabled lift and managing how and where the reception area would be located to tailor for the clinics more privacy conscious clientele.



Both the homogeneity of selected materials and colour palette as well as design of the lighting throughout was intended to imbue the clinic with a sense of calm and subtle luxury in lieu of a more overt medical identity.



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