• Designed by the noted architect, Nahum Barnet and built in two stages by Clements Langford for Frederick Dodge from 1902, the former Melbourne Sports Depot, although much altered, is of regional architectural significance for its notable decorative elements from Barnet's much-favoured tall-arch Romanesque revival phase, and for its contribution to the streetscape. The building is of historical significance as a remnant of Melbourne's foremost Edwardian sporting goods store.


  • Penthouse apartment spanning two floors and a roof top deck 


  • Originally water leaks into the dwelling caused the clients to investigate the prospect of a full renovation 


  • Demolition phase is complete

  • Investigation into the plan of subdivision revealed that the access to the  lift motor room belonged to the clients, which has led to the commissioning of a new lift enabling the footprint of the property to gain extra square meterage. 


  • Along with a complete renovation of the internal spaces, the roof top deck will be converted into a useable winter garden for the clients to enjoy.