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Usman is a passionate architect with over 10 years of experience in architectural design and contract administration of both residential and commercial building projects.

Buildings and spaces that seemingly come alive with light have provided usman his inspiration for creating beautifully unique spaces with sometimes experimental qualities.  After acquiring his architecture degree in 2010, he went on to start his own architectural studio in Pakistan, successfully running it for over 5 years.

For Usmn there is a consciousness and appreciation of light and space in apartment renovations that makes thm unique to almost every other form of architecture.

I dwell in details, making details, materials and lighting work for architectural spaces. I am curious and a problem solver, I take my time to consider elements and factors to make architecture work. 

I enjoy travelling and listening to music in my leisure time. I also actively learn about new gadgets, materials and technologies that tend to make architectural design more efficient and sustainable.


Shelley Roberts 

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