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Once a cramped, dark and poorly configured space, an entire re-design was required in order to create the openness the client desired. The overall objective was to have one continuous eye-line, from bedroom through to living.

Such a large redesign required an extensive demolition stage, made even more intense by site access. The kitchen, a previously awkward and dark space was re-positioned and incorporated into the living space by removing the dividing wall separating them. Flooded with natural light, afforded by the open-plan layout, the kitchen becomes part of the liveable space. Fully integrated appliances and clever cabinetry were used to maximize storage and improve functionality while mirroring the stylish clean lines now seen throughout the apartment.


The Clients wanted more usable space, a more thoughtful layout but most of all, light. The space was so dark that it required lighting even during the day so that was our primary focus. 


The finishes were paired back so that the eye was drawn to an uninterrupted view outside. The space, when filled with light, needed little.  


Co-coordinating such a large demolition and constructing program, not only in the CBD but within a multi-apartment building posed many difficulties. The logistics surrounding access, Owners Corporation approval, neighbours’ concerns required a lot of attention and planning. 


The space is completely transformed, the biggest achievement was the abundance of light that now stretches to every corner of the apartment and the clients no longer leave the lights on during the day. 

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