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Sometimes the only place left to go, is up. So, we did. By removing the false ceiling and stripping the apartment bare to its structural bones, we gained an additional meter of ceiling height and 3 meters of floor space. By creating this extra height, we were able to extend our cabinetry upwards, which essentially doubled the apartments usable square meterage. The original sash windows were repaired, and full height bespoke shutters fitted which beautifully frame the apartments unique inner city view and also allow light into the apartment at any angle. 

With this apartment it is equally what you see and what you don't see. Exposed pipes were left exposed while the kitchen hides a myriad of clever storage nooks, so the eye can focus on its contemporary sleek exterior.


The client wanted to maximize the liveable square meterage and make the high ceilings and beautiful old windows the main focal point. Additionally, they wanted the kitchen re positioned and more functional.  


The devil really was in the detail with this project, stripping back to such a raw state, it was not so much the materials used, it was how we re-layered it all that mattered. 


Site access was difficult, as with most of our projects within the CBD, parking, access and restrictions on deliveries always take more time to navigate. 


The biggest success was the manipulation of space, we were able to gain an additional meter of ceiling height and 3 meters of floor space, which were then used to elongate the kitchen joinery.