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Originally a fabric warehouse built in the 1920's, this entire apartment renovation in Sargood House, presented the rather unusual problem of having too much space in the living room.

The owners wanted a more functional layout for their home that also retained the openness that originally drew them to the property. Also, on their wish list was a dream closet, a private and very personal space that would become the centre-point for the entire apartment. Assigning a purpose and function to every room created the intimacy that the space had for so long lacked. It was also important to retain the buildings original warehouse feel, ceilings were stripped back and left completely exposed, while elsewhere sleek finishes and minimal fixtures balanced the overall aesthetic.


The clients wanted a more functional layout that also retained the openness that originally drew them to the property. “Just give me a beautiful closet” was one of the first things the client wished for.


Decton, a very hard but incredibly thin porcelain tile was used to clad a 90mm steel beam which formed the structure of the three-meter-long cantilever of the bench top. Vola Tapware and Roger seller supplied all sanitary, bath ware and tapware fittings.



Providing all the heating and cooling underneath the raised floor was challenging along with reducing the number of stairs to all wet areas to achieve a better flow of rooms. ​​


Creating the intimacy and definition to the space while retaining the buildings original warehouse feel.  




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