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This project, a two bedroom with mezzanine floor apartment, involved total demolition. In re-configuring the entry to the bedroom and re-positioning storage, additional floor space was gained. The new bedroom entry opened up the apartments only facade providing borrowed views and light between the rooms. Perspex doors were used in place of glass due to budget constraints, however this decision added additional drama to the apartment. Slight of hand was achieved using a mirror at the end of the galley kitchen further extending the spaces dimensions.

With clever use of integrated appliances and built in storage, we were able to create a space free from clutter, chaos and complication. The outcome was a  minimalist design that feels chic, stylish and very adult. 



Storage, storage, storage, was the starting brief. And, no carpet or tiles and the budget didn’t quite extend to hardwood floors. Instead of an island bench, the client wanted a cocktail cabinet, to finish the “kitchen side” we cantilevered the bench over the cabinet in the “living side”.


Sheet plywood for the flooring, stained with black japan. A little bling with New York marble was added to black gloss laminate cabinets. 



Parking, bringing up materials in the lift, some of which wouldn’t fit, and these had to be carried upstairs. Designing the fixing method for the ply sheeting while the glue dried. 


The feeling you get when you walk in. For the client, that was the most important thing, to walk into the space and for it to feel different, not just look different. The openness, the scale, and storage, storage, storage.