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A unique and beautiful blend of heritage and refined luxury, apartment 16 aligns perfectly the old and the new. Working with heritage buildings such as this former Carlton United Brewery, provide a dramatic canvas of exposed brickwork some one hundred years old. Restoring and preserving was at times a brick by brick task.


Structurally we added balconies the main bedroom and created an additional bathroom and powder room by manipulating the existing floorplan.  A grey colour palette and matte finishes give each room depth, texture and warmth. A bespoke copper bathtub adds to the overall theatre of the design, while solid French oak flooring and deep grey painted timber panels adorn the walls. 


The Clients wanted to retain the warmth and feel of the original building but maximize the liveable square metreage.  


The key material really was the existing brick work which was brought back to life via chemical stripping and re-pointing where necessary. Other key materials used were copper, used in the kitchen and bathroom areas. ​Solid French oak (flooring) and painted timber panels (walls) were also key materials.  



Site access was incredibly difficult, as was attaining council permits for the heritage listed building. 



Adding the balconies and increasing the opening size of the window. We were able to create an additional bathroom, laundry and walk in closet whilst keeping the space open. The sophistication of the end product was a real interior design success. 

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